Giving you the Image, Insight, Ingenuity, and Influence you need for your next success.

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Few Words About Us

i4Success officially opened its doors July 7, 2018 with the assistance of Global Advantage 21and Alicia Sims, experienced Business and Education Consultant (2004) and Entrepreneur of 18 years.  i4Success is establishing a positive reputation in the Houston (Texas) and Cleveland (Ohio) Areas for our work in building and strengthening cross-functional teams in various industries, most noticeable in Business and Education.


Through our dual corporate headquarters setup, we are committed to giving forward-thinking start-ups, expansion businesses, and career-focused professionals throughout the United States and Internationally an unparalleled edge by offering a wide variety of top-notch services, including personalized consultations, innovative and efficient marketing solutions, training courses, programs for children, countless networking opportunities, and a wide range of products and services tailored to their specific needs and demands.

Our Unique i4Success Signature

i4Success works along side professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners to intentionally develop the Image, Insight, Ingenuity and Influence (the 4 I's) they need for optimal success in their personal and professional life.

The i4Success system utilizes a uniquely designed engagement and training model--complete with reliable science-based methodologies, effective business training tools, strategies and human capital that are engineered to take professionals and businesses to their intended destination!